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Auto automation

Is the customer’s after-sales buying journey leading to higher average handle time for your sales queues?

Do you use self-service digital channels to handle customers during the after-sales buying journey?

Are you considering reverting back to sales agents for an after-sales buying journey due to high abandonment on the digital channel?

If you can relate to any of these issues currently faced by your sales teams, you are in the right place.

As you realise the current trends, customers are moving away from in-person purchases to self-service digital channels to initiate and complete their purchase. But, self service channels have not lived up to expectations due to high abandonment. Our research suggests that over 50% of these journeys are abandoned due to frictions such as a lack of clear understanding of the product terms or lack of assistance during the course of their buying journey.

Moving a customer out of the self-service queue back to the call centre will only put more pressure on your teams leading to longer wait times at more than $15 cost for every resolution.

Our expertise

Simpragma has built over a 100 bots across various industry verticals.We have addressed over 20 million customer queries across 50 different categories. The voice bots can handle various regional languages, dialects and on-ground conditions such as background noise, poor network connectivity irrespective of the customers’ articulation capabilities.

We can set you up on our cost-effective AI - assisted solutions that provide assistance during the customers’ buying journey. These low-cost solutions are built to reduce journey abandonment by identifying and solving the points of friction for your sales teams to focus on more important matters that are sales conversions.

Our solutions

Simpragma AI-assisted solution is built to provide a frictionless buying journey. Our clients have seen amazing results with the right intervention at the right time to successfully rescue a customer from abandonment.

Our solution can also help you beyond just identifying and solving customer buying journey friction, we can:

  1. Collect 1000s of data points to derive business and product performance
  2. Detect journey anomalies, redundancies using pattern recognition
  3. Voice of customer extraction and root cause analysis to improve customer experience
  4. AI-assistance in non-voice channels for a similar buying experience as a voice channel

How it works

Customer abandonment can be a major contributor to revenue losses for the company and missed incentive opportunities for your sales teams, and agent assisted after-sales journeys are opportunity costs. In such situations Simpragma’s AI-assisted journeys are your best proxies that can help you bridge the gap with infinite scale and achieve almost $15 in savings for every customer resolution.

When you are considering digital transformation for your micro-lending business, making customer experience as the centre of your transformation journey can be extremely rewarding. Our Simpragma certified 5-step plan will help you achieve your full potential to complete the process of digitising your customer experience:

  1. Assessing the user and preferred communication channel
  2. Evaluating every micro interaction and improving bot service quality continuously
  3. Capturing detailed data elements from each customer interaction
  4. Building innovative solutions with AI and ML capabilities
  5. Calibration of business flows and spawning quickly to the new processes

The management process to help you reach that goal will be:

  1. Strategise your roadmap for building a modern and fully digital collections tool-kit
  2. Setup the process and governance to achieve the roadmap
  3. Establish a platform with the desired architectural capabilities like instant scalability and rapid manoeuvrability to flex the flows on a real time basis to solve for redundancies and anomalies

Laying your roadmap will help us to address your priorities such as:

  1. Personalised customer journeys
  2. Real-time offers and recommendations
  3. One-click checkout
  4. Seamless integration with third party apps to offer other products and services

We can together make sure that you get the biggest bang for the buck

Your journey

You can choose to co-create the service or outsource the entire transformation journey. Our working model provides you the flexibility of decision making and customising any business flow. Our service offerings include:

  1. Decomposing your current technology stack and offer the best integration solution for quick and fast implementation
  2. Advice on new integrations with third party applications to bridge performance issues
  3. Curated customer journeys by applying design thinking

Our 5-staged service delivery model makes sure your business objectives are our highest priority.

01 STORMING Quick brainstorming of ideas to jumpstart the service. A solution cannot be improved unless implemented in a real environment and tested with real users.

02 FORMING We form proper call flows using your team experience and our expertise to uplift customer experience journey.

03 NORMING Continuous improvement after every single micro interaction to yield better results.

04 PERFORMING Analysis and improvements at the contact-level to deliver organisation level objectives such as customer experience, retention or advocacy

05 ADJOURNING Marking areas internally with gold standard service offerings and challenging legacy performance benchmarks